This blog turns 3 tomorrow :P

Three years back on April Fool’s day I started blogging or flogging may be (f-ing up on a public platform that is) and so this blog turns 3 tomorrow. Big deal šŸ˜€ Silvio Berloscuni is in news again for all wrong reasons and therefore my tribute to the weekly chaos… JWT India portrayed Silvio Berlusconi […]

Macfarlane booby traps Oscars

Hi there As you can easily imagine, I have been going through a lean period. Not coming up with things as frequently as I used to. Too caught up with my livelihood as an advertising professional on a platform like internet which is changing every moment? Nah…I have been looking for a new rhythm, a […]

Pistorius Historius

Oscar Pistorius, dubbed the “blade runner”, is in police detention facing a charge of premeditated murder of his model girlfriend on Valentine’s day… Behing every successful man there is his woman. But behind the fall of every successful man, there is another woman.

R.I.P. Pandit Ravishankar

Bal Thackeray, 1926 – 2012

No one deserves a caricature more than Bal Thackeray. Sorry for the delay…


Romance raconteur of Bollywood passes away…

Yash Chopra (1932 – 2012) And here is my favorite one…

Of course Gangnam Style!

Ya ya nothing can beat Gangnam Style this week This single by South Korean rapper Psy has been viewed on youtube over 510 million times and the third most watched video ever! The song’s dance moves have been performed by several political and business leaders including the British Prime Minister David CameronĀ and Google’s executive chairman […]

Einstein’s God letter

Hi there Ya, amidst much chaos this week, I finally found the right piece of information. A handwritten letter in which Albert Einstein questioned the existence of God is going up for sale on eBay with bids starting at $3 million, just four years after it fetched $404,000 at auction. Whatever this genius par excellence, […]

Ash to play the goodwill ambassador for UNAIDS

Aishwariya Rai has been chosen as the goodwill ambassador for UNAIDS. She says she does not want to be just a ā€œposter girlā€ for the organisation but will help break social barriers and stigmas that are attached with AIDS. In her new role, she will help raise awareness on issues related to stopping new HIV […]