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Remembering the Mahatma a day in advance…

Hi again Just thought it would be a good idea to remember the Mahatma a day in advance.. This is my inconsequential tribute to the greatest soul India has ever produced. I have drawn so many faces…but those eyes and that smile….so simple and therefore so powerful. Tomorrow is his birthday which is celebrated worldwide […]

Father of Tintin!

Hi there I have no idea why I have not spoken about this man before. Perhaps the most influential artist of all time, the father of comic book and also of the most famous fictional hero Tintin. Here is Herge…. He is so influential that I have named my own son after his creation! Yes, […]

Dali, the real dandy!

Hello everyone . Today’s free caricature goes to the greatest dandy of all time, the Catalan Surrealist – Salvador Dali. This caricature and Dali, both are personal favorites btw. This is the first successful caricature which I drew almost four years back. And am feeling a little nostalgic about it ;). Now more about Dali. […]

R.I.P. Michael

MJ’s death anniversary today. Unbelievable still… We miss you. But people like you can never die. May you live forever in our hearts.

Andy Warhol – the father of pop

And today’s free caricature goes to Andy Warhol, American painter, print maker, filmmaker, father of pop art, a homosexual and most importantly a rebel against anything conservative. Warhol became famous worldwide for his work as a painter, avant-garde filmmaker, record producer, author, and public figure known for his membership in wildly diverse social circles that […]

Happy birthday to me ;)

Hi there I am in great shape today. It’s my birthday. It feels so nice early in the morning to get so many warm wishes. Thanks to everyone Today I want to upload someone who I really love from the bottom of my heart. My childhood hero, a real genius – Diego Maradona. I just […]

iLove Tim Burton

Hi there A very good morning or evening to all of you. Today’s free caricature goes to Tim Burton I love everything he does or doesn’t. I love his love for the bizarre, his unforgettable insane characters (yes Johnny Depp is really cool), his looks and the way he presents himself in an absent-minded nonchalant […]

The chosen ones this week

Hi and a very good morning (or evening) to all of you. It’s not one but two celebrities this week :). I tried hard but couldn’t avoid either of them. And on top of that I was ready with both the caricatures. Anyways the first one is a silent superhero. I admire him a lot. […]

It’s Pablo Picasso this week!

Hello world A very happy beginning of a brand new week. I would be a little caught up tomorrow morning…so doing this a few hours beforehand. Anyways, the chosen one this week is Pablo Picasso ( I am  sure you read the heading). And here is the master… We all know that he was a […]