Namo is unquestionably the person of the year 2014

The elementary Sherlock!

Things have changed @

  Cause – a few months’ solitary confinement, professional betrayals, endless cigarettes, Ulysses for the nth time, an epiphany moment, my love for everything noir and Droste butter packet etc etc Effect – my ultra cool, device agnostic portfolio Happy browsing 😛 Cheers

Happy Bloomsday

Leopold Bloom walked the streets of Dublin on the 16th of June 1904, looking for his spiritual son (Stephen Dedalus), experiencing many forgettable and unmentionable events and people on the way, eventually reaching Ithaca (7 Eccles Street) and metaphysically overpowering the suitor of Penelope (Molly Bloom), Blazes Boylan… That’s a small tribute to the greatest […]

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So Munna is Bhai!

Viswaroopam faces muslim ire…

Hi there Kamal Hassan’s Viswaroopam has been banned for undisclosed reasons. Muslim brothers found it offensive. I don’t have access to much information save this striking pose from the movie Keeping everything aside for a moment, this man could have changed the face of Indian cinema…However, because of many formulaic reasons, he never got enough […]

Tarantino unchained!

Quentin Tarantino returns with his bloody brilliance Ya, Django Unchained, sounds so much like Prometheus Unbound! This film is an audaciously horrible comic book nightmare, as delicious as a forbidden cigarette, ya this is definitely something meaner than nicotine 😀 Master Tarantino as we all know is infamous for his narcotic extravagance, his graphic superfluousness, […]