Happy Bloomsday

Leopold Bloom walked the streets of Dublin on the 16th of June 1904, looking for his spiritual son (Stephen Dedalus), experiencing many forgettable and unmentionable events and people on the way, eventually reaching Ithaca (7 Eccles Street) and metaphysically overpowering the suitor of Penelope (Molly Bloom), Blazes Boylan…

That’s a small tribute to the greatest author of the last century , James Joyce and his immortal character Leopold Bloom from Ulysses.

He would have been disapproving of it though as it is not white in color (his incorrigible eye sight) 😛

Joyce was wrong when he said that he would keep the professors busy for three centuries figuring out what he wrote or meant. Because I believe Bloom lives forever.

yes he said yes he will Yes

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