This blog turns 3 tomorrow :P

Three years back on April Fool’s day I started blogging or flogging may be (f-ing up on a public platform that is) and so this blog turns 3 tomorrow. Big deal 😀

Silvio Berloscuni is in news again for all wrong reasons and therefore my tribute to the weekly chaos…

JWT India portrayed Silvio Berlusconi and Paris Hilton in a very controversial light in Ford Figo campaign, advertising the car’s exceptionally large (or so they claim) boot space. The ads are here.

These ads were never published and as always were only created for winning awards. The Ford India team didn’t approve them or so they claim. Anyways so because of internet (God bless internet) many people came to know about it and consequently the creative head of JWT India was fired two days ago and the Chief Marketing Officer of Ford India is about to lose his job. What a salacious piece of gossip 😉

I feel the Italian supremo is too gigantic a human to accommodate himself in such a small car, leave aside his banga banga babes. And also who said they were his worries? But yes I am sure behinds of many beautiful ones always worry him.

So, long live the divine chaos, long live my blog 😀

See you soon.

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