Macfarlane booby traps Oscars

Hi there :)

As you can easily imagine, I have been going through a lean period. Not coming up with things as frequently as I used to. Too caught up with my livelihood as an advertising professional on a platform like internet which is changing every moment? Nah…I have been looking for a new rhythm, a new design language; less is more or more is actually less. Sounds philosophical and evasive? Haha may be yes. But you see I love drawing at the end of everything and will soon become more regular with my daily dose of cheap humor 😛

Anyways so, ya, this peeping tom, this voyeur, Seth Macfarlane cracked a crass joke (is it really crass? I dunno) at the Oscars last week. And everyone has been talking about him which he exactly wanted.

And this of course is the much controversial video.

The cyber consensus about this act is, it was racist, sexist, homophobic, anti – semitic (!) and most unforgivably not funny. Most were outraged and offended by his song and dance act which mocked world class actresses. Especially Scarlet Johansson (leaked cellphone photos on the internet). This was definitely their night to celebrate and not objectified by an immature jester.

With all due respect to the offended and the offender (I am no one to pass any moral judgement as you know), Macfarlane is surely the jester of the week :)

Thank you.

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