Bardem outbonds 007!

Hi there :)

SKYFALL! Yes…I watched finally and Javier Bardem rocked and rolled and completely outsmarted everyone and everything in the movie.

He played Julian Assange in the movie! Did you get that? If you then please dont forget to thank me :)

Things which I liked about the film…

# Bardem as Julian Assange

# The fancy Aston Martin of course

# The pug with the union jack on its back

# the spectacular introductory chase scene

# a more human James Bond

# the Tom Ford suits

And now the things I didn’t so like…

# the babes (they were pathetic)

# the Komodo dragons (omg they were disgusting)

# M

Btw just came across this one…for all of you

“Infographic by Evans Halshaw” –

And yes Obama will be here soon 😉

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