Right to caricature all…

Hi :)

Controversial cartoonist Aseem Trivedi is in news for the past two weeks. He was arrested a few days ago for his seditious cartoons against corruption campaign.

I don’t have a choice but to support his cause :)

Cartoons are just harmless fun. However, this “fun” takes a lot of hard work.

And the hard work involves the following steps…

1. The subject or his action or his body language must be unique or odd enough to the caricaturist. This is the first step. Without this there is no stimulus.

2. After that comes that intense gaze which rips apart his face, dissects it in fragments and demystifies his mind. This involves pure psychoanalysis of a professional.

3. Then comes personality mapping with every facial feature. A funny someone by default must have a big nose, a tough guy must have a hooked one, a desirable lady will always have a snub nose. The eyes perhaps play the most vital role. You can’t mess with the eyes. The shape of the eyes and how much white is visible inside decides everything the character does. An intense pair for example will always show a lot of white under the pupils. Did I tell you about the nostrils? The diameter of the nostrils decide the temperament of the person. Similarly, the chin, the jaw line, the cheek bones, the eye brows, the bridge of the nose, the folds and creases here there and even the ear lobes play a vital role on any face. We, caricaturists, can figure out a person just by looking at the face! Scary no?

4. And now comes the stage where we determine the most important feature of the face or rather the most intense attribute of the face. The face will always determine his personality or vice versa. Today’s caricature for example is all about hair 😉

5. Finally comes the most mysterious and the most indescribable part. How to add humor. I am sure no caricaturist can ever define this. This is the elusive “gift” that we have. Some drawings make people laugh out loud and some don’t. I have nothing to say about this one…

So please stand by us and over and above everything tolerate us :)

Thank you!

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