Ash to play the goodwill ambassador for UNAIDS

Aishwariya Rai has been chosen as the goodwill ambassador for UNAIDS. She says she does not want to be just a “poster girl” for the organisation but will help break social barriers and stigmas that are attached with AIDS. In her new role, she will help raise awareness on issues related to stopping new HIV […]

Right to caricature all…

Hi Controversial cartoonist Aseem Trivedi is in news for the past two weeks. He was arrested a few days ago for his seditious cartoons against corruption campaign. I don’t have a choice but to support his cause Cartoons are just harmless fun. However, this “fun” takes a lot of hard work. And the hard work […]

The real moonwalker goes back to where he belongs…

Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, passed away a few days back. He will always be remembered for his single step which proved to be a giant leap for the entire mankind…. Whenever we see the moon in its full glory, you will always come to our mind. May you […]

Aamir Khan to change India?

Hi again Aamir Khan is gracing the prestigious Time magazine cover for his hugely successful TV show “Satyameva Jayate” as the first superstar activist. Aamir Khan is the third Indian actor to be featured on the cover of Timemagazine. Aishwarya Rai made it to the cover in 2003 and Parveen Babiwas featured in 1976. Can he change a nation of 1.2 billion […]

Naked Harry

Hi everyone I know it has been almost a month and no posts! A few unforeseen circumstances…it got hacked ! And was not functional for over a week and I hardly understand the back end and therefore was totally dependent on my developers to restore it back. I earnestly request –If you don’t have anything […]