The mystery gatecrasher in red

Ya, she walked, she looked at the camera, but failed to conquer any hearts… however, she has become an overnight celebrity…

Who the hell is she?

Madhura Nagendra from Bangalore. A trained Bharat Natyam dancer, a post graduate, a technical writer, also a member of the official crew of the opening ceremony. She was ecstatic that she got chosen as a member. But I don’t remember any Bharat Natyam performance in the opening not sure for what she was chosen.

Father of this overnight sensation says she was over excited and therefore should be forgiven…

It was a clear case of security breach and if it had happened in India, the whole world would have pounced on us.

There is an official fan page on facebook which states this –

MADHURA NAGENDRA, the spunky 26 yr old who chased a rainbow & caught it! In full public glare at the London Olympics.
It was a promise she had made her parents: To appear on the big-screen with the Indian Olympic contingent, London. down with the Team, she looked regal in her confidence. Not a furrow creased her lovely brow, not a single sign that she was out-of-place. She belonged. And, she stood out fr the crowd.
Let’s all salute this young woman who followed the glorious tradition of youth: ”Dekha jae ga. Just do it!” And, she did it.

You’re a youth icon for Indian womanhood, Madhura. There are some wet blankets, too. But the majority: We salute you!

Can anything  be more shameful?

I just have one thing to say…

Dear Madhura, you looked so bad in an otherwise sunny yellow group, that you seem “photoshopped” to me.

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