Dark, Deadly, Delightful!


Did anything else happen last week? I am blissfully lost in the devouring darkness since the last four days!

Fifteen years’ of meticulous research on a fictional character! People are right when they say that I am still a sixteen year old maniac at heart…But I am glad that there is method in my mania at least. I just can’t outgrow his deeply intense, mysteriously dark, forever brooding charm. As a fictional masterpiece, I can only place him next to Hamlet. I am sure the immortal Bob Kane had only Victor Hugo and Shakespeare in his mind when he gave birth to this madness!

Yes I watched Dark Knight Rises last night and I couldn’t sleep :). Let’s not compare this with any other masterpiece of Nolan.

This is a blockbuster by its own right.

A few mentionable things from the movie…

# The prison scene shot in Udaipur, India (under the mysterious name of “Magnum Rex”, Nolan you rock!) is the most notable one!

# The chase scene where the incredible motor cycle metamorphoses into a flying machine is vintage Batman, full of surprises and always generating goose bumps!

# The unforgettable dialogues

# The musical genius of Hans Zimmer

# Marion Cotillard as Ra’s al ghoul’s daughter, Talia

# The typical denouement of Nolan

# However, Bane and Catwoman flopped (not miserably but relatively)

I can keep watching this one again and again and that means it didn’t disappoint…


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