Dark, Deadly, Delightful!

Batman! Did anything else happen last week? I am blissfully lost in the devouring darkness since the last four days! Fifteen years’ of meticulous research on a fictional character! People are right when they say that I am still a sixteen year old maniac at heart…But I am glad that there is method in my […]

Federer rogers Murray!

Hi Federer wins Wimbledon 2012 rogering Murray to regain the number one spot in international Tennis. This is his 7th Wimbledon title. I am not much of a Federer fan myself. May be because of his clinical approach (almost like a Swiss watch). I don’t see much of a rebel in him. Or may be […]

Modern day Prometheus?

Hi there! Scientists after two decades of hard work at CERN (particle physics lab near Geneva) have possibly discovered the existence of “God” particle also known as Higgs Boson named after British Theoretical Physicist Peter Higgs. Now what is boson ? In particle physics, bosons are really tiny sub atomic particles which follow Satyendra Nath […]