The clutterly butterly story

Yesterday, I spent quite a lot of time in a nearby shopping mall (for want of anything better to do) looking for an Angry Bird cover for my phone. I love that super angry red one as anyone else. I feel I can carry it off even in a formal client meeting :). But alas! the ones which I found out were not up to my taste and I gave the shopkeepers my number to give me a call when they have the one I was looking for…And then I entered a book shop and it took me less than a minute to pick up a real gem which was lying somehow hidden behind many best sellers. It was “Amul’s India”, yes it has the best of “utterly butterly delicious” moments at just Rs 299.

For over 50 years the Amul Moppet (as it is fondly called) or simply the Amul girl logo has given us many humorous moments. It perhaps has the most interesting CV in the country, making fun of any celebrity one hoarding at a time, always promoting butterly lifestyle, never running on the tread mill, never changing its polka dots dress and bow, never growing up, always chuckling, winking and making everyone laugh covering almost anything and everything under the sun…

And it doesn’t have a name! Why? One Rovio comes and creates one game (and many amplifications thereof ) and captivates people everywhere in the world. They have games and more games around the first one, tee shirts, bags, slippers, pencil boxes, caps, phone covers, iPad covers, covers for everything you can imagine and it is just about two years old!

And the Amul girl on the other hand is almost 60 years old, has been an entertainer to all and sundry, is a passionate social observer, is the most conscientious Indian and it doesn’t have a name! So I thought what it would look like if there were an iPhone cover of the famous Amul girl! Here is my take…

I am not blaming Amul for not blowing it out of proportion but generally mentioning a typical Indian creative clutter.

Ask anyone about me, she or he will tell you, I have an inherent ability to blow things out of proportion and I can really take up any subject. Unfortunately it ends there. Since the past one and a half years, I have been struggling with the word “amplification” on media. I really fail sometimes to devise ways to blow it up really big on media. This is a typical middle class Indian creative clutter. We do things very creatively and we stop. We don’t do much to sustain our ideas for a long long time. We are too eager to work on the next campaigns and therefore flex our creative muscles once again to prove to ourselves and to the world that, no no we are not stale yet, the best is yet to come.

So I suggest, someone please take her up and christen her. It will be huge fun, you know. Ask people online may be to come up with a name for someone who has played many roles (from shy Madhuri to sensuous Urmila) in her lifetime. Then the jury can choose the aptest name basis votes or something like that. She can start showing up everywhere. I will be the first one to buy that phone cover, tee shirts may be, school bags, wallets, stationary and whatnot! She must come as comic strips and also there can be a movie based on her observations…come on the possibilities are endless. She can also endorse India (if Tintin can endorse Belgium). Why is she not a part of “Incredible India” campaigns? She has to be a part of every sociological study that happens throughout the country. She is so dispassionately charming about everything that does or doesn’t happen.

I may be going a little over the top now but I really feel it is time we learnt more about marketing techniques to promote our best things. It is absolutely necessary.

And then there is our “common man” who can easily be an icon for all of us. If he already is then why is not coming out the first of page of the most circulated newspaper of the country? It is time for him too to take that giant leap! However, more about him some other time…

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