Turning two today!

This blog is two years old today…OMG! Can there be a better day to celebrate your birthday than on fool’s day :P?

Decided to do a collage (needless to say after annoying many for ideas) of the best of last year because…

A. birthday comes just once a year and

B. nothing really happened last week (worth my salt)!

Two terrific years of –

# checking facebook updates regularly to satiate my all consuming hunger for sleaze and celebs

# reading at least 4 global newspapers a day for regular banality, mashable.com for technical wonders, trying my best to avoid the unavoidable political and natural disasters almost everywhere

# washing famous people’s dirty linen in broad daylight on a pristine white, harmless looking blog interface

# always asking the unfortunate folks who have the misfortune of tolerating me day in and day out for ideas and newsmakers at least once a week and therefore bringing in their minds the imagery of a “stuck record”

# seeking ways to evoke spontaneous laughter and thereby quenching my thirst for more and more attention (I still am and always will be a man-child according to popular belief)

# advertising this URL shamelessly at the drop of a hat

# honing my native talent of exaggeration to the maximum possible extent

# and drawing people as I see them rather than how they look (this one is stolen with pride from Picasso)

My dearest audience, I have just two words for you today – THANK YOU!

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