Google[X] unveils Project Glass

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Google’s clandestine rocket science laboratory Google [X] unveiled Project Glass and it might change everything…It is a pair of “augmented reality head-up display (HUD) glasses” – a voice-controlled computer in a headset that looks like a pair of wrap-around sunglasses. Information is ‘layered’ over the world in front of you as you go about your day. With a forward-facing camera, 4G connectivity and movement sensors, the product, officially named Glass, is likely to cost between £150 and £300 – the price of a bottom-of-the-range smartphone. OMG!

And take a look at this astonishing video…

The applications could be endless: putting on your glasses in the morning as you eat breakfast, your map tells you there is heavy traffic on the route to work. On the drive to the office you pass a Coffee Shop and a Special Offer on coffee pops up on your screen. In the office, you frame people in your screen and Google+ them to see their profiles. All the while the earphones pipe through your favourite music, only pausing to allow a steady stream of phone calls, targeted adverts and sponsored messages.

So when can you buy a pair? Not until the end of the year at the very, very earliest.
And btw, Babaki Parviz, who is involved in Project Glass, specialises in bionanotechnology – the fusion of biology and micro technology – and has already developed a contact lens with embedded electronics to transmit pixels to a person’s eye.

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