Feluda fetches Phalke!

Legendary Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee, who has portrayed a really versatile range of lead characters in films by Satyajit Ray, has been selected for India’s highest film honor – the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for this year.

I am sure Ray himself would have been very happy seeing this example of vector art. This is one of my best so far…

That aside, I have a lot to say today. Please bear with me.

I had the good fortune of meeting this consummate actor and speaking to him for over an hour. He is a serious art lover, an accomplished scholar and also he can make you laugh whenever he wants. Needless to say, his sharp angular features made him the perfect choice to play the super cool sleuth of Bengali Cinema. Ray considered him his alter ego throughout. And when he recites, you will have no other choice but to listen to him with rapt attention.

He has portrayed many memorable characters. But to me and many others hard core bongs, he will be forever be known as “Feluda”, the invincible detective character conceived by Ray. You can say he is our very own Sherlock Holmes. His satellite is Topshe. And Ray being himself, closed the loop of the deadly duo of Feluda and Topshe by adding one more unforgettable character who writes about their adventure, Jotayu and therefore forming a golden triangle.

I can watch “Sonar Kella” (the Golden Fortress) everyday and also this film can still give me goosebumps. The signature tune is more than enough to make me forget about everything else.

Here is the tune which I will never outgrow…


Btw a little known fact about the famous name…Ray was an ardent fan of Fellini. And therefore this character was christened “Felu-da”.

Here is one more song which somehow pulls the right chord of any Bengali throughout the world…


Dearest “Feluda”, wherever I go, I will always carry you in my heart :)

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