He came, He slapped, He made headlines!

I am tired of drawing this “cooler than thou” old young boy of Bollywood. But then somehow, whatever he does is news and I am left with no choice:)

So it is Shah Rukh Khan once again ….

Two days ago my friend rightly mentioned that it is not him this week but the one who got slapped should be the newsmaker (the popularity of my blog is only growing ;)). My friend was right but then who got slapped ? what’s his name ? Ah ya, he is some ex choreographer’s toy husband who has intolerably ugly long hair and also there is something painfully effeminate about him…so obviously our old young, macho sensitive King gets the benefit of doubt and here he is :)

Ok, for all the people who have no clue about what really happened last week, Shah Rukh Khan, the reigning(?) King of Hindi Cinema went to a late night party to celebrate with his friend and some wannabe director passed some nasty comment, followed him to the washroom (this is pretty hilarious actually) etc etc and irked the King quite understandably and got slapped and was manhandled by his body guards…So what?

Well the funny part is, almost every national newspaper (we have too many) put this fallout on its front page and people started looking for more salacious details on the internet like crazy and therefore I stand justified for putting him up here as the newsmaker this week.

Even though the King’s popularity is on the wane, but once a King always a King!

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