Hugo vs Midnight in Paris

Hi ya Oscars tonight Why so much about Oscars? Not that a statuette matters so much. But the nominated films don’t disappoint you and also I am kind of fond of the jury members fondness for original piece of art (a few exampled of course excepted). I watched almost all the nominated films and the […]

Get well soon, Yuvi!

Yuvraj Singh, the Indian cricketer is suffering from cancer. He has been undergoing chemotherapy for 2 weeks now and only 7 weeks remain now. He is in the United States for his treatment and the doctor says that he can resume training as soon as his condition improves. However, Yuvraj is not suffering from lung […]

He came, He slapped, He made headlines!

I am tired of drawing this “cooler than thou” old young boy of Bollywood. But then somehow, whatever he does is news and I am left with no choice:) So it is Shah Rukh Khan once again …. Two days ago my friend rightly mentioned that it is not him this week but the one […]