The chosen one this year is…

Yes of course Steve Jobs…who else? This is a great find … Just like there will never be another Socrates, Wayne Gretzky, Winston Churchill, or Gandhi, there will never be another Steve Jobs. While we can never become Steve Jobs, nor should we strive to be (follow your heart), what we can do is understand […]

Pathetic return of the King!

I drew Anil Kapoor last week after all the hype of MI4 Ghost Protocol. And after half an hour something happened to my computer and it never was saved. I watched the film in the next 3 hrs and I was so disappointed with his performance in an otherwise entertaining film, that I decided it […]

R.I.P. Mario Miranda

One vital ingredient of the laughing gas of India went missing yesterday. Ace cartoonist Mario Miranda passed away…he was 85 years old. R.I.P. Mario…

R.I.P. Dev Anand

Dev Anand, 1923 – 2011

Dirty, dirtier, dirtiest!

Yes unfortunately that’s what I feel about the latest Bollywood masterpiece, The Dirty Picture. So why the hell am I putting her up here? Well because, this blog is not about me anymore, it is about people who are making news every week. Anyways, so a few things about the movie… # It should have […]