A decade of terror!

It’s 9/11 today…

Terror celebrated its 10th anniversary last week in the Indian Capital. A powerful blast ripped through the reception counter of the Delhi High Court complex, leaving at least 11 people dead and more than 75 injured.

Even as a red alert was sounded in the city, an email sent to various media organisations claimed responsibility for the blast on behalf of the ‘Harkat-ul-Jihadi.’

The claim, sent from harkatuljihadi2011@gmail.com, threatened similar blasts at the Supreme Court and other major High Courts if the Parliament attack case convict Afzal Guru’s death sentence was not “repealed.” (sic).

It all happened at 10.14 a.m. when scores of litigants had queued up at the reception desk counters to collect entry passes. The deafening explosion created a two-foot crater on the cemented platform, blew off the tin roof and sent splinters flying in all directions. All those standing in a five-metre radius were knocked off their feet.

Based on the descriptions provided by two eyewitnesses, the police prepared two sketches of the suspects. A witness claimed that he saw one of the suspects, wearing kurta-pyjama, fleeing towards Purana Qila and he tried to chase him, but the man escaped.

I have no other choice but to upload one graphic tribute and to express deep condolences to the relatives of those who lost their lives and also pray for the speedy recovery of those who have survived.

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