An emotional victory for Anna Hazare!

Hello again :)

I was all set to draw Steve Jobs and Tim Cook together this week. I, even, thought about the title – “No More Jobs”…but then an emotional call from a dear friend made me change the plan. He insisted that I can’t ignore the greatest event of my country this year. And he was right.

Imagine how serious people are about my blog :) It makes me laugh sometimes. Anyways, so this is the first time that I would be writing about the same man for two consecutive weeks. Here is Anna Hazare…

I know this is an old one from me….But somehow I like this one.

It was a historic moment last evening when the Indian Government finally succumbed to an unassuming individual.

It was the triumph of will power, simplicity, democracy and of course masochism 😀

This original idea came from Gandhi’s mind. This was his genius. He never did anything to anyone, just kept torturing his own body. Anna is a true Gandhian. And somehow we all have a soft corner for Sadism and Masochism.

Jokes aside, I think he is the most influential person of independent India. It is not an easy task to move more than one billion people with single mindedness. He is naturally charming and the best thing about his face is of course his smile. Anyone would trust him when he smiles. It is pure, simple and innocent. He won an emotional victory. The question is how many people will actually stay true to emotions?

I hope by now he has eaten and set the entire nation at peace.

I am too stupid to pass any political comment. However, one small reminder to all of you. It is not enough to support Anna, we also have to follow his ideals….game anyone?

Jai Hind!

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