An open letter to the beloved BigB(uddha)

Dear BigB

First of all my greetings to you. I am a huge (really huge) fan of yours. I love and respect you from the bottom of my heart. You are someone I grew up watching. You won’t believe, but I can draw you without any reference image. How many times have I drawn you so far? Well, I lost count. All your unforgettable movie moments, I almost know by heart. And also as you already know, you are a very formidable part of collective Indian psyche. I am sure most of us truly love you.

I consider myself fortunate enough to have met you more than once. Many thanks to Reliance Big Entertainment and of course my very encouraging ex-boss who made it happen when you were launching your blog. We spoke for more than one hour! You remember (of course you don’t :))? I even gifted you a drawing and like any other really talented man you showered praises on me! I really liked it when you asked how I draw with an ordinary mouse. It proved you are a man of details and also you are as curious as a child. I couldn’t sleep for almost a week after our chance meeting :D.

But now a few things… however hard I try, I am not able to force myself into liking your new avatar. It is fantastic to keep abreast of time. But it is not necessary to try to look like a young man. Not at least in your case. You have been aging so gracefully. Why challenge time? We all know that you are beyond Botox and Photoshop. Can you imagine that despite getting free tickets, I couldn’t convince myself into watching your latest film :( You are the most mesmerizing showman that India has ever produced and we all know that every new or old kid in the block copy you shamelessly. Let them please…that only proves your greatness. Btw you resemble the despicable Shakti Kapooor in your new avatar.

Even a second rate passable Bollywood filmmaker is abusing you in public places. Why can’t you stop him once and for all? I know he has given you a few hit movies. But please understand that you are much much above the mundane.

Gossip vine says, you will play Nobel Laureate Tagore in his last life and the shooting for the same has already started in Argentina. How charming and apt that will be!

I request you to take stock of the situation and be back with your great choosy self one more time. Please stay away from tackiness and dress yourself up again in black suits or traditional Indian wear (that will be the best).

See you in your gracious self soon!

Much love


An Unknown Blogger

p.s. oh ya, on a different note…remember I was writing so much about the first ever cartoon competition in India. My entry didn’t win. However these ones did.

I love all of them :)


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