R.I.P Amy…

Hi I thought I would celebrate this post… this is my 100th. But unfortunately the news maker today died last week. And you all know who she is… Amy Winehouse died because of drug overdose at the age 27! They say all good rock stars die at 27. Here are some examples… Brian Jones, one […]

Fall of a Star!

Hi First my apologies for not being able to do anything last week. I have been terribly caught up with many things. But this is a blessing….a man at the end of everything must always be gainfully employed So ya of course it is Rupert Murdoch this week… Rupert Murdoch, the octogenarian head of the […]

Pottermania reaches its climax!

Hi everyone Ya, I ended up drawing Harry Potter this week! I dunno much about his films, however, one thing I can assure that he looks straight out of a comic book…there is something very mysterious about those eyes. Wikipedia (thank God it is there) says Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels […]

An open letter to the beloved BigB(uddha)

Dear BigB First of all my greetings to you. I am a huge (really huge) fan of yours. I love and respect you from the bottom of my heart. You are someone I grew up watching. You won’t believe, but I can draw you without any reference image. How many times have I drawn you […]