When James Bond wrote to Steve Jobs!

Hi :)

Ya, it is the real Bond, James Bond, Sean Connery this week…

First, the bad news. Sean Connery never actually sent a typewritten letter to Steve Jobs in 1998 refusing to be in an Apple ad. But the awesome news is that quite a few people believe Connery owns personalized stationery with a “007” vanity stamp in the corner and that he would have no qualms using it to dash off a letter dressing down Jobs by declaring “…you are a computer salesman. I am fucking JAMES BOND!”

The letter is as follows 😛

The amusing fact is that Connery still apparently used the 007 logo on his letters 20 years after giving up the role. Others expressed their hope that the letter was real. Alas, it isn’t!

And on a different note, a bold couple were kissing in the midst of a street riot in Vancouver last week. I think this could be the kiss of the century!

That’s it for this week :)

See you soon!

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