Contortion against corruption!

Hello there :)

It is the famous contortionist sage soldier of India, Baba Ramdev this week…

He has been on an indefinite fast to force the Indian government to take steps to curb corruption, black money and bring back Indian money illegally stashed abroad. The original hero of anti-corruption movement in India, Anna Hazare has extended his support to Baba Ramdev in his protest fast against corruption. He will be joining the yoga-guru in his efforts to bring back Indian black money stashed in Swiss banks.

In many yoga camps, he has raised the issue of increased consumption of fast foods, packed foods and soft drinks by the people. He claims that soft drinks are very harmful to the entire body and especially the stomach lining if consumed. He has also made statements along the lines of “Cold Drinks means Toilet Cleaner” and has claimed that these cold drinks are more effective at cleaning toilets than commercially available toilet cleaners. He urges people in his public meetings to pledge not to consume commercial aerated drinks, to protect individual health as well as to avoid Indian wealth being transferred to multinational companies. Instead he advices the public to consume hot water, milk or traditional Indian juices only so that India may become prosperous.

I support Baba’s contortion against corruption and coke!

Go Baba go!

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