When James Bond wrote to Steve Jobs!

Hi Ya, it is the real Bond, James Bond, Sean Connery this week… First, the bad news. Sean Connery never actually sent a typewritten letter to Steve Jobs in 1998 refusing to be in an Apple ad. But the awesome news is that quite a few people believe Connery owns personalized stationery with a “007” […]

Superman drops his red underwear!

Hi Yes the 73 year old much botox-ed, viagra-ed Superman won’t be wearing his vintage red trunks anymore…And I thought only Batman was unpredictable :). This is how he might look like without the red brief….so naked! Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns hopes to recreate the first 21st century superhero. While his […]

Adieu Master…

The “Picasso of India”, Maqbool Fida Husain passed away last week. Here is my tribute to the great master… “A dashing, highly eccentric figure who dressed in impeccably tailored suits, he went barefoot and brandished an extra-long paintbrush as a slim cane. He never maintained a studio but he spread his canvases out on the […]

Contortion against corruption!

Hello there It is the famous contortionist sage soldier of India, Baba Ramdev this week… He has been on an indefinite fast to force the Indian government to take steps to curb corruption, black money and bring back Indian money illegally stashed abroad. The original hero of anti-corruption movement in India, Anna Hazare has extended […]