Maid-n-Over for DSK!

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Ya of course it is Dominique Strauss-Kahn this week…who else? I love sleaze as you all know 😛

After posting $1m bail and agreeing to stay in Manhattan under 24-hour house arrest, Dominique Strauss-Kahn left jail on Friday  under the shadow of yet another allegation of aggressive sexual behaviour.

“The maid at the centre of the rape charges against the former IMF chief was not the first member of the hotel staff he hit on. As soon as Strauss-Kahn checked into his suite, he called down and asked the receptionist to join him for a drink. She refused.
Several claims of unwanted sexual attention – ranging from heavy-handed approaches to attempted rape – have now surfaced in the media since Strauss-Kahn was picked up by New York police a week ago today. The claims have come both directly from the women involved and from people speaking out on their behalf…”

I remember an apt word for him in French (I am not sure about the English translation) – “queutard” – it means a man who is led by his prick 😉

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