Inner peace ;)

Hi Yes, the 3D model of awesomeness and attractiveness, Po, is right here this week… Perhaps the best way to tell a beautiful story, there is everything in it – how to confront your not so happy past, how to find out the true meaning of your life, how to overcome identity crisis, how to […]

Maid-n-Over for DSK!

Hi there Ya of course it is Dominique Strauss-Kahn this week…who else? I love sleaze as you all know 😛 After posting $1m bail and agreeing to stay in Manhattan under 24-hour house arrest, Dominique Strauss-Kahn left jail on Friday  under the shadow of yet another allegation of aggressive sexual behaviour. “The maid at the […]

Didi paints Bengal green…

Hi The firebrand orator from Bengal, popularly known as Didi (the elder sister) pulled off a landslide victory for her party All India Trinamool Congress by defeating the world’s longest-serving democratically-elected communist government of 34 years! Everything in Bengal changed colour overnight. I kinda like this fight of colours She opposes Special Economic Zones and […]

Is bin Laden the most perfect comic book super villain?

Hello again Ya, I was wondering did bin Laden ever exist? Or is he the most perfect comic book super villain of modern day? No photographs yet…the one which we saw is a really tacky Photoshop job (believe me I can do better). Reuters came up with some gruesome photos,  but no sign of Mr. […]