Rajni, Ghajni & Dhoni win the World Cup for India!

Dude, India won!

How? Of course, because the great Rajnikanth was present! Ghajni too played a crucial role by cheering for team India throughout the match and last but not the least the skipper Dhoni played an unforgettable part to help India win the World Cup after a gap of 28 bloody years!

My dearest friend from Mumbai last night sent me this SMS knowing well that I would steal the India. But he is my best friend and I can steal from him :)

Another melodramatic SMS also reached a lot of us. It said team India is Rama (of the Ramayana fame) and the trophy is actually his beloved wife Sita who the Ravana (team Srilanka that is) stole in 1996. And finally the holy couple got reunited. In this case Ravana had 11 heads instead of the proverbial 10.

Jokes aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire match and it was worth everyone’s precious time. What a final!

Jai Hind!

p.s. btw this blog completed one year yesterday :) just a conincidence…

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