Storm in a coffee mug!

Hello there :)

So did anything funny happen last week? Th answer is – of course yes!

HRH Prince Harry is always in news, even though for all the wrong reasons. This time he appeared on a royal coffee mug by accident!

He has mistakenly been depicted as Kate Middleton’s fiance on a commemorative mug available for sale on the internet. The image of a grinning Harry, dressed in dark suit and tie, is labeled ‘Will’. They managed to get ‘Kate’ right. Can this happen too?

A genuine gaffe? Possibly. A spoof making fun of the Chinese (of course made in China like anything else) propensity for getting these things wrong? Very likely. Or has it been commissioned by Harry himself for his brother’s stag do? Time will tell…

Anyways, so when am I going to write about cricket world cup? To all my friends who love cricket, the answer is I WILL :)…Just waiting for the tournament to get a little more unpredictable.

Thanks and see you soon.


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