Laughing Gas of India!


First my heartfelt condolences to all the victims of Tsunami in Japan. I know it is very easy to write great things but so much more difficult to do anything about it. I extend my whole hearted moral support to all the guys who are busy doing the rescue work…Hope the end is not nigh. Remember 21st December 2012 and that goddamn Mayan calendar?

Many other important things happening all over…Ivory Coast in deep trouble..So wanted to upload something about Ivory Coast…but I have a fear this posts are getting too political and very very serious! Will love to hear from all of you about this. No spams please!

Anyways, as you all know (I am not sure if anyone reads whatever crap I write here), the biggest cartoon competition of the largest newspaper in my country will get over in just 2 more days! I am very happy that I have 3 entries there and I want to pretend that I don’t care about winning ….but it is not true. I too want to win like anyone else :)

So the last one which got approved and posted yesterday is here…

This one is not going to win for sure…but it is a hell lot of fun caricaturing the ace caricature artists of my country. Especially when one of them is the judge who will decide the winning entry :)

That’s all this week. See you soon!


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