Bye bye Cleopatra :'(

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor, star of National Velvet, Cleopatra and Cat On Hot Tin Roof died last week at the age of 79 because of a congestive heart failure… Beginning as a child star then throughout her adulthood, she was known for her acting talent, glamour, beauty, and striking violet eyes. Her much publicized private […]

Storm in a coffee mug!

Hello there So did anything funny happen last week? Th answer is – of course yes! HRH Prince Harry is always in news, even though for all the wrong reasons. This time he appeared on a royal coffee mug by accident! He has mistakenly been depicted as Kate Middleton’s fiance on a commemorative mug available […]

Laughing Gas of India!

Hello! First my heartfelt condolences to all the victims of Tsunami in Japan. I know it is very easy to write great things but so much more difficult to do anything about it. I extend my whole hearted moral support to all the guys who are busy doing the rescue work…Hope the end is not […]

So where is King Colin?

Hello there And here is King Colin… I am really sorry for not being able to upload my newsmaker last week. Was terribly caught up with some really interesting work at office I am sure you all have watched “The King’s Speech” by now and this man truly deserves a standing ovation. And here is […]