The Great Indian Circus!

Hi again :). Hope all of you are doing well…

The greatest and possibly the first cartooning competition of my country is happening now :), conducted by the largest newspaper, the Times of India. They have around 6-7 categories and they are accepting not only cartoons, but photos, videos and even jokes. The winners will get a chance to get printed on the newspaper itself. The competition is on till the 15th of March this year btw.

So I have been busy for obvious reasons thinking thinking all the time about India. So finally I submitted some fun yesterday and I have named it “The Indian Circus”. Here it is …

And you can submit multiple entires too. So one of my cartoons is already there –

And I am working on one more.

It is great fun looking at myself or my own things sometimes.

Thanks and let me get back to my work :)

Au revoir

p.s. and did I mention that I believe in taking part more than in winning 😉 ?

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