The fall of the last Pharaoh

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All of you know that it can’t be anyone else this week but Hosni Mubarak, the beleaguered autocratic President of Egypt. He is just 82…

Protests continue across Egypt after almost two weeks of civil unrest, clashes with police and looting. But rumours are circulating that the President has left the capital to practise his swing in the safety of a luxury golf resort.

About 100 people are thought to have been killed – and 2,000 injured – since anti-government protests began on January 25. The unrest comes after similar demonstrations in Tunisia some time back.

A video posted on YouTube by “another Egyptian who’s had enough” that shows scenes of bloody protests in Cairo has gone viral after it appeared on CNN. Check it out here…

And in a desperate attempt to prevent protesters from communicating with each other via sites such as Twitter and Facebook, the authorities there have shut down the entire internet. Mobile phone networks have also been cut off in parts of the country where unrest is occurring!

It is time for the last architectural relic to stay safely inside a Museum and let the people of the country have a fair chance.

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