Get lost, Gaddafi!

Hi everyone :)

It’s the 2nd architectural relic (this time from Libya) of the modern world, Muammar Gaddafi this week. You can choose to throw stones, rotten tomatoes or simply spit at him…

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is – is this a man, a beast, an alien? If people choose to throw him out of a tall building, this oddball may just bounce back because of his rotundity. But please don’t miss those cold, inhuman pair of eyes, that lifeless gaze…I feel all dictators have same eyes.

Also known as Colonel Gaddafi, this man has been the leader of Libya since a coup in 1969! From 1972, when Gaddafi relinquished the title of prime minister, he has been accorded the honorific Brotherly Leader of the country. In 2008 a group of more than 200 African kings and traditional rulers proclaimed Gaddafi King of Kings of Africa.

Though Muammar Gaddafi is generally criticized as an eccentric and dangerous tyrant who has terrorized his own people as well as the Western world, the women of Libya have actually enjoyed a surprising amount of progress under his reign. They were given the right to vote and encouraged to take part in politics. But perhaps the most famous marks of female progress under Gadaffi are his Amazonian Guard, his personal bodyguard made up entirely of highly trained female soldiers 😉

It’s time for him to understand that – when enough is enough, sufficient is not enough!

Now allow me to get back to the battle of the royal stammer, psychotic ballets, the unforgettable social experiment and not to forget one man’s multiple layers of dreams…

See you soon

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