Get lost, Gaddafi!

Hi everyone It’s the 2nd architectural relic (this time from Libya) of the modern world, Muammar Gaddafi this week. You can choose to throw stones, rotten tomatoes or simply spit at him… The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is – is this a man, a beast, an alien? If people choose to throw […]

The Great Indian Circus!

Hi again :). Hope all of you are doing well… The greatest and possibly the first cartooning competition of my country is happening now :), conducted by the largest newspaper, the Times of India. They have around 6-7 categories and they are accepting not only cartoons, but photos, videos and even jokes. The winners will […]

When A Raja got trapped in his own mobile phone!

Hi again :)….Egypt celebrates its liberty at last. Mubarak steps down after 18 days of revolution on the streets of Cairo. Egypt Mubarak! The Chosen One today, however, is not Hosni Mubarak (who was here last week) but the ex-telecom Minister of India, A Raja. When I started this blog, I so wanted to stay […]

The fall of the last Pharaoh

Hello again All of you know that it can’t be anyone else this week but Hosni Mubarak, the beleaguered autocratic President of Egypt. He is just 82… Protests continue across Egypt after almost two weeks of civil unrest, clashes with police and looting. But rumours are circulating that the President has left the capital to […]

Keep leaking!

I have been very very disturbed since morning. In a startling disclosure, WikiLeaks cited a classified Pentagon study as saying that long-running hostilities between nuclear-armed neighbours – India and Pakistan – can eventually lead to a nuclear war in Asia. And this will kill 12 million people…innocent, harmless people. As per the cables, the US […]