Sir Elton John and his motherhood!

What on earth can be wrong with the image below? Any guesses?

Is it not a beautiful picture of a parent and his child in perfect harmony? Does this not symbolise the best moment of a man’s life? Is this not the picture of innocence itself ? Something which all of us crave for?

Well of course yes if we decide to ignore one trivial fact that Sir Elton happens to be the “mother” to the child here ;)…

This was the image on an American magazine cover (not exactly this but Sir Elton and his “husband” and the baby and I decided to do away with the husband) last week and it has created a considerable amount of controversy after a grocery store decided to put a “protective shield” to stop youngsters flicking through it. And of course this move has sparked outrage amongst the members of GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

Last week Elton John publicly bemoaned feeling like a ‘second-class citizen’ in the U.S. because of his sexuality and said he was ‘fed-up’ about it.
During a performance at a Beverly Hills, Elton said: ‘As I get older, I get more angry about  it’…

I happen to be a huge Elton John fan and I don’t know why people just can’t let him be at peace and do what he does best. It’s unfortunate to poke our noses into a talented individual’s private life and hurt him repeatedly.

This is how Sir Elton blasts the music industry bosses. And ya enjoy the beautiful song too…

Sir Elton John has blasted ‘idiot’ music industry bosses for only caring about short-term sales.

The singer launched an attack on record business executives over their treatment of artists.

He said: ‘I think most heads of record companies are idiots. About five per cent are any good. They’re only in it for themselves.

‘They don’t care about artists. They’re all about the next fix, the next single. It’s like they’re having a hit of cocaine every 15 seconds.

‘And if someone falls by the wayside, they’re by the wayside. They’re not allowed one blip.’

He added to Shorlist magazine: ‘In America, most of them are idiots. They’re sickening actually. They sicken me. They’re thick as s**t.’

In an outspoken interview, he also lambasted reality shows a la X Factor.

Sir Elton, 63, said: ‘Reality TV shows. I really hate them. Full of f**king mediocre f**king wannabes.’

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