Silvio Berlusconi and his “whorehouse”!

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Anne Hathaway (what a name she has! Remember the second best bed of Shakespeare? ) is currently the hottest subject. But I had some difficulty imagining her in a cat suit! I need a little more time for that and moreover we get to watch The Dark Knight Rises only in July 2012!

On the other hand, Il Cavaliere or literally “The Knight”, the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi is also not far behind. Did you know that a  “significant” number of young women prostituted themselves to him 😉 …nice and sleazy.

Berlusconi provided some young women who frequented his Milan mansion with apartments in the city. Some of his women claimed “you can’t even imagine what goes on,” calling Berlusconi’s Milan home a “whorehouse” where either you are “ready to do anything, or you get in a taxi and go home” :)

Berlusconi is being investigated for allegedly paying for sex with a teenage nightclub dancer and using his office to cover it up. The two alleged offenses carry sentences totaling 15 years in jail!

His estranged second wife filed for divorce in 2009 saying she could no longer be with a man “frequenting minors.”

Berlusconi, acquitted in eight corruption trials since entering politics in 1994, has called himself history’s most-persecuted man.

He claims he didn’t even lay a finger on the teenager.  Apparently he doesn’t realize that it’s not his finger people are claiming he laid on her 😀

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