Playboy plays on at 84!

Hello :)

Let’s begin this year on a playful and curvaceous note.

Hugh Hefner, the Playboy CEO, is the chosen one this week. It doesn’t matter if you choose to clap or no. It’s either his way or the nearest highway…

He is only 84 years young and has finally decided to settle and slow down with an anatomically correct (with all possible cosmetic touch-ups, as it is usually the rule at the Playboy playground) blond bombshell of 24 years (what’s her name?)! He claims to be in love at last and is yearning for domestic bliss :D….and they will play happily ever after that is.

I have no idea what will happen to the playboy mansion parties and those eagerly awaited center-folds, in case he really plans to “settle down”. Does he have a successor who can hold the leash of so many “perfect” blonds….time will tell.

What exactly is so funny about this nuptial arrangement? Did he not single-handedly popularise an unknown rabbit and made it one of the most recognisable logos of the last century? Is he not the reigning Superman for the last 50 years or more? Is he not the American dream itself? Is he not the proof how effective Viagra is? Don’t we all drool over his choice of women? Are we simply not jealous 😉 ? At least I am…I don’t know about you.

I salute his omnipotent youthfulness. After all he is the ultimate triumph of materialism. Many thanks to him that we now know that virility is synonymous with Viagra. We know that everything has a price tag…I guess too many slips. I just proved how jealous I myself am of His all powerful manhood :)

My best wishes to this publishing genius…may he find domestic bliss at last!

Happy 2011 to all of you and may our dreams come true this year :)

Hugs and kisses…

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