Sir Elton John and his motherhood!

What on earth can be wrong with the image below? Any guesses? Is it not a beautiful picture of a parent and his child in perfect harmony? Does this not symbolise the best moment of a man’s life? Is this not the picture of innocence itself ? Something which all of us crave for? Well […]

Silvio Berlusconi and his “whorehouse”!

Hi again Anne Hathaway (what a name she has! Remember the second best bed of Shakespeare? ) is currently the hottest subject. But I had some difficulty imagining her in a cat suit! I need a little more time for that and moreover we get to watch The Dark Knight Rises only in July 2012! […]

Rise and rise of Rihanna

Hi there Rihanna’s latest single “What’s My Name?” has gone to Number One in the UK chart – making her the first female solo artist in history to have a number one single in Britain in five consecutive years. The 22-year-old singer has now sold more than 15 million albums and 45 million singles worldwide! […]

Justice for Michael :'(

Hi and yes the chosen one this week is the one who can never die for us, who knew how to bring whole arenas to fits of exultation with his moves and then silence them with his poetry, the eternal moonwalker, the King of Pop, Michael… Is Dr. Murray guilty of applying a lethal dose […]

Playboy plays on at 84!

Hello Let’s begin this year on a playful and curvaceous note. Hugh Hefner, the Playboy CEO, is the chosen one this week. It doesn’t matter if you choose to clap or no. It’s either his way or the nearest highway… He is only 84 years young and has finally decided to settle and slow down […]