Tendulkar raises his bat again to break his own records!

Hi :)

Sachin Tendulkar, India’s national treasure achieved an impossible feat yesterday. He scored his 50th century in test cricket playing against South Africa! Quite something to boast of…

I am not at all into cricket since quite sometime. After knowing about the betting scandals round the globe, bookies, murders and what not…But Tendulkar is an exceptional case. There is something charmingly innocent about him still…despite being into professional cricket for more than two decades. We love him beyond cricket. He is a national icon and is in the hearts of millions of people. In fact, he has become a part of our collective conscience and we are really proud about him. When he raises his bat after scoring a century, anyone can understand that he shares a very special relationship with the Almighty. A newspaper truly states that he doesn’t bat, he meditates. He is God’s gift to cricket. There is no doubt about it.

May you bat forever and keep breaking your own records!

Now allow me to get back to my work…


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