Sexy Sheila steals the show!

Hi :)

A week can’t begin in a better way than this…am so happy. Finally got to talk to a veteran caricature maestro of India and he praised my work (he really did…)! Trust me, I do know what it takes to play the role of a caricature artist all your life…by God, I do know…And It felt really humbling and I have true respect for a man like that. Meeting him again very soon …

Anyways, I was saying…you know when I started this blog, I had great doubts about how to keep on looking for people in the news every week. I foolishly thought it would be really difficult finding one every weekend. And I am happy to know that I was so wrong. So many people vying for attention in today’s popular culture. So many faces, noses, eyes, lips etc etc… Kim Kardashian, the hot property of American reality TV became the highest paid TV star and also was featured in the most searched for items on Google; Prince Charles was attacked by protesting students in the UK (imagine that!) ….

But no one could beat our very own Sheila for her attractive moves à la Shakira in an item number from one of the upcoming Bollywood (whosoever coined this word, I really want to kill him) films. Yes, it is Katrina Kaif this week…

Now for my international viewers, let me introduce the term “Item Number” to you. An “Item” is a well endowed woman in common parlance and it means a song and dance sequence which is pretty provocative and has got nothing to do with the flow of the story or plot (if there is any) per se. It is an alternative for lurid skin show which has become a sure fire route to box office success. So, in a male dominated film industry, women are still doing the same things which they used to do 100 years back… that is attract the male audience and therefore earning the tag of an “object of desire”….which means their rise in popularity and therefore an opportunity to earn more money and fame ;). Let’s stop here…this logic is so chauvinistic!

So, Sheila and her Jawani (uncontrollable youth that is) is the latest talk of the town and Katrina is oh so English ( she has a British passport) that she said she hates the song so much! However, she didn’t have any problems doing those moves. So dear Katrina, trust me, we hate it too and we know it is so crass. But as you didn’t have any problems doing it, we too don’t have any problems watching it 😀

So, till we find our next “item”, let Sheila raise the temperature!

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