Mukesh Ambani erects the second Taj!

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Mukesh Ambani, perhaps the richest man in India, broke all records and got the most expensive house in the world done for himself – Antillia. The critics are calling it the modern day Taj!

This is the first home in the world that exceeds $ 1 billion. This house is 570 feets high, the price of this house is around $ 2 billion.This house is built in the middle of downtown Mumbai, India and sadly is in the middle of the area that is full of poverty. He claims that his new home will have more floor space than the palace of Louis XIV at Versailles.

Each of Ambani‚Äôs family will have their own personal health club. They will also have six levels garage for 168 cars. Most of the tower is built of glass. This ultra modern house featured the panic room, cinema and employ around 600 servants and staff. Each level also have a lush garden. And it has 27 floors altogether for guess how many people…5 !

President Obama was correct in saying that he doesn’t believe that India is a rising economy. He believes India has already risen! How apt…

Now let us keep our humble fingers crossed and hope that he contributes a little to the poor neighborhood as well…

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