Julian Assange is the first ever digital revolutionary!

A long overdue… First, my sincere apologies for not writing about him earlier…yes Julian Assange the “hacktivist”, as we all know is the most powerful man of the year…Did TIME made a mistake in choosing its person of the year? In all probability yes. Why did I not write about him earlier? Because, I was […]

Tendulkar raises his bat again to break his own records!

Hi … Sachin Tendulkar, India’s national treasure achieved an impossible feat yesterday. He scored his 50th century in test cricket playing against South Africa! Quite something to boast of… I am not at all into cricket since quite sometime. After knowing about the betting scandals round the globe, bookies, murders and what not…But Tendulkar is […]

Zuckerberg is TIME’s 2010 person of the year!

Hello everyone Yes, this year belonged to the facebook founder Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. He has been chosen as the person of the year 2010 by TIME magazine! A rare honor for a 26 year old… The social-networking platform he invented has a staggering 600 million users. In a single day, about a billion new pieces […]

elecTRONic wonder!

Hi Finished a major project a few days back. A calendar for a huge name for 2011 :)…Yes I am happy that it got over in the right manner. Now waiting eagerly to collect my copies. Anyways, as you all know it’s TRON everywhere. Spectacular, dazzling, too beautiful to be true…This is my version of […]

Sexy Sheila steals the show!

Hi A week can’t begin in a better way than this…am so happy. Finally got to talk to a veteran caricature maestro of India and he praised my work (he really did…)! Trust me, I do know what it takes to play the role of a caricature artist all your life…by God, I do know…And […]

Mukesh Ambani erects the second Taj!

Hi again Mukesh Ambani, perhaps the richest man in India, broke all records and got the most expensive house in the world done for himself – Antillia. The critics are calling it the modern day Taj! This is the first home in the world that exceeds $ 1 billion. This house is 570 feets high, […]