Dubya’s decisions!

Hello everyone :)

Two American Presidents in two successive posts! Just a conincidence… yes the Chosen One this week is the former American President George Bush Jr. for his questionable memoir “Decision Points”.

In his memoirs, he states that he authorised “waterboarding” for terrorist suspects and thereby extracted information which prevented attacks in Britain.

What exactly is “waterboarding” – it is, repeatedly pouring water over a bound and blindfolded suspect’s face to trigger the drowning reflex and thereby extracting truth. He also insists that it is not a form of “torture”. Moreover, no one knows about those supposed attacks in Britain. And then information collected under torture may well be unreliable, because the suspect will say anything they believe their interrogator wants to hear.

President Obama has rightly withdrawn from giving waterboarding the Presidential seal of legality.

But then as the witches claim in Macbeth – “Fair is foul and foul is fair” often in love and always in war…

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