BIGG BOSS brings Baywatch in Bombay

Kate Middleton, The Social Network (superb film, brilliant performances, unforgettable dialogues; heading for Oscars), One Super Scam star in the telecom industry….too many choices, yes. But surely baywatch bunny Pamela Anderson topped popularity charts in India this week with her grand appearance in one reality show for three long days i.e. 72 hours! Even I ended up watching one episode (imagine that!)…

She cleaned, she swept and she overpowered all Indian male population, with broomstick in hand, washing utensils and even sunbathing with one of the guys! She is still incredibly charming despite all her plastic exterior, the face is still not expressionless that is (more than three breast implants…the internet says, apart from numerous other cosmetic corrections!).

So the BIGG BOSS could not have been any BIGGER than this!

Thanks for your attention.


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