Hi there An action figure of Steve Jobs by MIC (made in China) gadgets last week proved immensely successful and this is my version of the same toy – You can take a look at the real one here – Every true Apple fan craved for it to be put beside his Macs, iPods, […]

BIGG BOSS brings Baywatch in Bombay

Kate Middleton, The Social Network (superb film, brilliant performances, unforgettable dialogues; heading for Oscars), One Super Scam star in the telecom industry….too many choices, yes. But surely baywatch bunny Pamela Anderson topped popularity charts in India this week with her grand appearance in one reality show for three long days i.e. 72 hours! Even I […]

Dubya’s decisions!

Hello everyone Two American Presidents in two successive posts! Just a conincidence… yes the Chosen One this week is the former American President George Bush Jr. for his questionable memoir “Decision Points”. In his memoirs, he states that he authorised “waterboarding” for terrorist suspects and thereby extracted information which prevented attacks in Britain. What exactly […]

Neta Obama in Incredible India!

Hi there wish you all a very very happy Deepavali! May there be light always in whichever path you take…. Of course the Chosen One this week in Barack Obama; who else? The American Pres is everywhere in India now (not only Mumbai and New Delhi); all TV channels, newspapers, radio etc. He is delivering […]