More Avatars coming!

Hi there It’s that time of the week again. And the Chosen One this week is James Cameron… James Cameron has confirmed his plans to create two sequels to his record-grossing 3D sci-fi Avatar. He and Google CEO Eric Schmidt held a fascinating two hour conversation on the same last week. While he mentioned that […]

The spy who loved many!

This week, the competition for the much coveted title here “The Chosen One”, was stiff :). The Glee-ful threesome on the GQ magazine cover were very strong contenders. However, the term “pedophilia” kind of repulsed me. And consequently, the Chosen One this week is the Russian sleeper agent – Anna Chapman… Yes, this is how […]

Imagining John Lennon!

Hi there :)…a very happy Dusshera to all of you. It was John Lennon’s birthday on the 9th… and Google celebrated his birthday with a very simple yet lovely video on its logo (which became an internet phenomenon last week) . It was a great piece of electronic art. And this is my version of […]

A very happy birthday to Amitabh Bachchan!

Hi again Ya, it’s Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday today, the biggest actor in India… Wish you a very happy birthday! May you live in a billion hearts forever…. Thanks

Putin and his calendar girls!

Hello Yes it is Vladimir Putin and his calendar girls this week… What happened is kind of funny and paradoxical. In honor of the Russian Prime Minister’s 58th birthday twelve very good looking girls posed for a little racy calendar. All of them say something and those words appear inside a speech blurb (for example […]

Dolce Bellucci!

Hi I am not exactly fond of letting my secrets out. But let me tell you today that I am pretty nuts about the beautiful Bellucci like millions of other men… There are thousands of beautiful photos available on the internet and I was quite at a loss which one to draw. I didn’t dare […]

Beckham and his high-end hooker!

Hello and it is Monday again… Okay what’s common between John Terry, Ashley Cole, Wayne Rooney, Franck Ribery and David Beckham – I know … is easy. They all play football and also they all have their respective hooker story. This is most definitely for want of a more meaningful story as I hate peeking […]

Remembering the Mahatma a day in advance…

Hi again Just thought it would be a good idea to remember the Mahatma a day in advance.. This is my inconsequential tribute to the greatest soul India has ever produced. I have drawn so many faces…but those eyes and that smile….so simple and therefore so powerful. Tomorrow is his birthday which is celebrated worldwide […]