The three monkeys of cricket

Hello :)

The chosen one(s) this week are …ya as I said…the three monkeys of cricket – Amir, Asif and Butt (not sure if the names are in right order)

I used to be an ardent cricket fan once….a long time ago. I have seen many greats play – Imran Khan, Vivian Richards, Kapil Dev (I remember his showdown with Manoj Prabhakar though) etc. I remember wasting hours, even days (those never ending test matches) of watching non-stop cricket. I clearly remember that quarter-final match between India and Pakistan….Ajai Jadeja hitting Waqar Younis and snatching the match away from Pakistan. I literally bit my nails, skipped lunch, dinner etc. And then…………………the revelation! Yes, it was a fixed match. And I stopped watching cricket forever :)

I am glad I made that decision.

I know match-fixing or whatever you call it, is not restricted to one country. It’s a global problem in every sport. I sincerely doubt the Spanish victory in the world cup football too.

People are even losing lives! Remember, how Hansie Cronje lost his life in a dubious accident and how Bob Wolmer was ruthlessly strangled during world cup cricket? But the show is still going on and no one seems to give a damn! Who killed Bob Wolmer? And more importantly why? Is it not evident to all of us?

Guess it is time, we did something about things. What can we do after all, we lesser mortals? So let’s just watch cricket?

Well, the decision is yours…

Thanks a lot for taking the D’tour once again :)


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