The F-God is here!

Hi :)

Ya, the chosen one this week is the father of half a billion faces across the globe, the F – God, Mark Zuckerberg…

The facebook population is equivalent to the third biggest country on earth, only after China and India! And it is only increasing every moment. If you are on the internet, you have to be on facebook…but why? What is so fascinating or rather addictive about it?

Apart from all the design tricks (socio-anthropological….my God I need to check the dictionary…), I guess the main reason is that it has made every individual a celebrity in his/ her own circle. As Warhol predicted, everyone today is famous! We all want to share our thoughts, philosophies , photos, pets, partners, bathrooms, kitchens, birthdays etc etc etc…. facebook has empowered us all…

I have been a super active user since the last four years. And I must say I am now overwhelmed and a lot bored with the flood of irrelevant info! What all do I get to know from facebook every day or rather every moment –

# Who is dating who or gone single again or not listed as married anymore!

# Wives quoting or unquoting husbands and vice-versa, people quoting legends, immortals… friends quoting friends, liking them, commenting on them, spreading the news by sharing a link

# Who went for a wild party last night, whose birthday it was yesterday (even the flavor of the cake), how people were dressed for a friend’s house warming party. And if they had beer, bacardi, scotch or anything else….

# Girlfriends and boyfriends, wives and husbands posing for facebook in every conceivable erotic position…

# People unpacking fortune cookies and thereby gaining a piece of deep wisdom and sharing it with me or anyone else…

# Who is now friends with who and then so many changing their profile pictures everyday (including myself) out of plain boredom…

# Pictures of pets (covering almost the whole fauna)

# what people have started liking or rather have become fans of…and the endless thread of comments and puns

# Who has invited me to which party or asked me to become a fan of which product or which celebrity …

# who is playing farmville, mafia wars and God knows what else

# and so on and so forth……………………………………………………

The big Question here is – where is facebook leading us? Nowhere!

Is this improving the quality of our life? NO!

Are we more sympathetic or empathetic towards our so called friends (or their faces rather) because we are now connected to them and even know if they are stuck in traffic while driving to work ? NO!

Is six degrees of separation (i.e. there are supposedly only 6 people between you and anyone else. even you and the American President!) a reality or just another myth with no relevance in our daily life whatsoever? I guess the latter is the correct answer!

Are we more social because we are on a social media platform every moment? NO! (I have more than 1500 “friends” and am still as inept as ever)

Facebook wants to have a billion users very soon and I am sure they will. Which means we will have double the information, double the photographs and birthdays to remember, double the faces….double everything!

As they say, the road of excess always leads to the palace of wisdom. Because you don’t what’s enough, unless you know what’s more than enough!

So till we figure what is more than enough for us, please allow me to paste this post on facebook :)


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